Did We Make It Out

What did you say?

You were talking to load last night.

And now you wan´t to know,

did we make it out?

How did you feel

when you woke up today, alone?

Down in your bones, agony thrives.

Oooh, how do we carry on?

Manny, let´s go –

We follow what we already know

You can not leave your tail behind

Take that chance

A way to fail when we want to show

Our frame is not nailed before we start

What you say, what you do –

we are what are

Get up from the floor,

just to stumble again

I feel your shame, I´m just the same

They point, they will laugh.

Is it all in your head, that matters?

What we can do or not?

If we make it out? Can we make it out? We can make it out – But it´s already done? All is already done.