In 2010 Joel Kriget and Harald Lönnbro wanted to start a band with the idea to make punk music. It turned out that the music would be something quite different from punk. Dear Joes eye was instead set on melodies and vocals and a their love for grandiose outros became a significant mark for the band. The music is best described as a personal version of indiepop/folk with electronic elements. Since then, the music has been formed as the members have been added to the band, like a happy coincidence in the search of a unit.

With Kriget on vocals, Harald on drums and Emil Nylander on piano was the first rough line-up. In 2011 the four track EP Miles Away was released with the indispensable help of guitarist Per Blomqvist, who became the fourth member of the band. The EP found radio plays across the US, UK and the rest of Europe (France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark) and the video for Miles Away was filmed in Paris while on a brief European tour.

In 2012 Dear Joe went back to the recording studio, the now renamed Decibel Studios in Stockholm, which have had famous guests such as Primal Scream, Ed Harcourt and Deportees. With the help of Johan Stenström, who at this moment was there as a producer, but within the creative process Johan became the second guitar player of the band and stayed, “by accident” as he says himself. Never before an accident attained a better outcome.

During 2014 the Dear Joe line-up went reconstructing; now with the contribution of the saxophonist Martin Fagéus and Josefin Palmstedt playing the base. In summer the same year the band did a show at the photo artmuseum ‘Fotografiska’ in Stockholm. This show came to be the beginning of a longlasting and happy journey towards Germany, all thanks to two german tourists who loved the music and wanted to buy the record – and – thanks to lead singer Kriget who forgot to bring the records which misstake turned out to be the best imaginable thing. In the beginning of 2015 Dear Joe packed their instruments and headed towards Germany and The Netherlands.

In cooperation with the german promotion company, CE-Promotion, the band released the single Call My Name in 2015 with which they made a release tour in Germany and The Netherlands, this time with Kalle Rydberg behind the drum set. Following up on the positive german wave the band later the same year did a longer summer tour; this time with a lot of new material. The high appreciation of the new songs and the fantastic engagement of the audiences at the live performances made the band return even once more that very same year.

A drummers chair unfortunately echoed empty for a short while but was soon to be glued together with fantastic Linus Svahn. With Linus on the drums, Josefin on base & synth, Kriget on lead vocals & guitar, Johan Stenström on guitar, synth and vocals Dear Joe stands on solid ground. Summer 2018 Dear Joe luckily met up with the charismatic and flawless drummer Johannes Nordell who since then split the drum chair with Svahn.

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